zaterdag 6 september 2008

Pop-up card with Magnolia

This card we made a long time ago, it is a scrapbook workshop at Scrapbookatelier. Agnes and I made card with that idea! Agnes made it more perfectioned already, she made the panels a little bit langer, so the bow is nicer. She has made a great card with it, you can see it on her blog now. Now that one is on, I can show mine also :-))
Because I have made this on already in June, I don't have the information about the products anymore, sorry!!

6 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Wonderful pop up card Jacqueline, love it! You obviously have some fun with your friend Agnes!
Carole ;D

Heidi zei

What a wonderful card you have made-love it. great colors and details my friend. You are so talented and a big inspiration for me.

Hugs and love

Sandra zei

wat een gave popup kaart!!!

marjolijn zei

Lieve Jacqueline,
Wat een werk zeg, maar het resultaat is geweldig.
Ik heb een award voor je op mijn blog.
Veel liefs Marjolijn

carolann zei

What a stunning card brilliant hun xxxx

Anja's weblog zei

Wat een hartstikke leuk idee!! Ik vind em heel mooi geworden.