donderdag 14 mei 2009

Sneak Peak Yahoo Group

Morning workshop

Afternoon workshop
Comming saturday Agnes and I are giving a clubday for our Yahoo group De Cuties. There are 42 girls coming!! Every clubday there are more!! In the morning there is one workshop and in the afternoon they get 6 things they can make, but can choose themselves how much they make on this day.
Because it is also nice to chat and eat :-)
There were so many questions about what we are going to do, that we decided to give a little sneak peak.....
Not giving to much away :-))


4 opmerkingen:

sylvia zei

Oh, wat een leuke kleuren, je maakt me nu helemaal nieuwsgierig.!
Wij hebben ( Dorien en ik) hebben er reuze veel zin in.
Zien dat we niet verdwalen bij het zandpad:)

tot zaterdag, groetjes Sylvia

Carole zei

Hope you and Agnes have a wonderful day know me, I'd love to see some pictures..LOL.
Have fun and don't work too hard!
Carole x

miranda zei

nou ik ben nu helemaal nieuwsgierig ik heb er zin in en mn naamplaatje ligt al klaar:)
tot zaterdag

Ingeborg zei

Hmmmmmmmmm en dat ga ik dus allemaal missen. Jammer jammer jammer,