dinsdag 20 januari 2009


Can not believe I already got some more awards!!! Every award makes me so happy!!

This one I have gotten from my great friend Claudia!! She is such a sweetie and takes so much time for me to get me crafting stuff! Thanks so much, you deserve it more than me!!! I would love to give this one to Agnes (my best friend), Ineke (also a friend who is just starting blogging), Donalda (who always leaves me great comments and offers to buy me something eventhough she hardly knows me), Anja (she post not every day, but what she makes is so colorful it brightens my day) and Marlene (who I was lucky to met in november in Holland, and who is such a sparkling girl who makes great cards).
This one I got from Kellie, thanks so much, also for your sweet comments!! This one I had before, so I won't pass this one forward. But everybody who comes comment on my blog can take it!!

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