vrijdag 13 februari 2009

Awards and tagged

Oooh my, I have been sick for too long, in that time I have recieved again a lot of awards and I been tagged! Thanks so much all of you girls, it keeps an honour to get those!!
Because it is been a while when I got them and because I have to catch up a lot of things because of the illness I will not pass them on......

From Annemarie and Glenda I got the picture challenge, you have to pick the 6th map and the 6th photo, this is a photo of one of our dogs, his name is Sitkar. He is such a sweetie..... Thanks girls it is something different for a change, love the idea!

This one I got from Rosalien, thanks so much!

This one I got from Rosalien and Agnes, thank you girls, so sweet you thought of me!!!

This one I got from Sanne, she is only 9 years old, but makes wunderful cards. If you have time please visit her blog and leave a comment. Nothing more inspiring for such a young girl!! Thanks Sanne!!

This one I got from Domi, thank you so much, you never can have hugs enough :-)

And at last I got the scrapzine ... from Shatam. Thank you so much for thinking about me!! Unfortunatly your blog is in french, which I dont understand, but loved to look to the picture. Still wanted to name you here for thinking about me and giving you credit for that!

2 opmerkingen:

Shatam xXx zei

It was a pleisure to give you this tag cause i love all the card that you made. I hope you don't mind if i scraplift your card because you're a inspiration for me.

Big hugs and kisses
Shatam xXx

Tina zei

Jacqueline, My husband thinks your dog is absolutely gorgeous... JRT are his favourite but rough haired JRT make him smile more than any.. Sitkar is just gorgeous... i bet he brings many many smiles in your house... I hope you are feeling better sweetie.. Big Big Hugs Tina xx