donderdag 12 maart 2009

More Magnolia wintercards published in Cards Only 5

This are the other 3 cards that were published. In all these cards is a snowflake that can turn around

6 opmerkingen:

BojaMoja zei

stunning cards :)

aardvarkpest zei

These cards are beautiful and I would never have thought to use green on a winter card.I will now though


Lori aka Lo Lo zei

Congrats on getting published!

I luv the cards especially how the snowflakes turn. I will have to try that out on a card one day.


Mich zei

Oooooh, wat zijn deze groene kaartjes prachtig zeg!!

En vooral die laatste is mijn favoriet, omdat hij een beetje onverwacht is in het groen. Je zou hem eerder in het lichtblauw verwachten, en daarom vind ik hem net zo mooi, omdat ie even wat anders is !!

BA zei

your cards are gorgeous!!! I love the snowflakes
have a nice day BA

cats whiskers zei

Oh dear what stunningcar these are, and how wonderful for you to have so many cards published you must be so proud dear
Hugs Jacqui x